Internet security for online transactions

Many times we use the Internet for online transactions involving money. This makes our lives easier because we can shop online or we can do Internet banking. With a few clicks we can purchase any desired item or we can transfer money from one part of the world to another one. These activities are efficient and reduce the time spent with them if done the classic way. However, Internet security breaches can appear and losing money is to avoid in these harsh economical situation. 

Internet security has become a very important concern nowadays. This is because there are many threats you are exposed when transacting money online. Whether you are using your credit card information for purchasing something or your bank account information for transferring money, issues may appear.There are three main aspects when it comes to internet security that you should keep in mind: confidentiality, integrity and availability.

a) Confidentiality is very important when conducting an Internet business. This is because customers willingly offer you information that nobody else should have access to. For example, if your website processes credit card information or any other type of sensitive information, it is very important to ensure your customer's confidentiality.

Also, address, passwords and other types of information should be protected. Otherwise, customers can suffer losses. They ca lose money or they may be subjects of identity theft.

b) Integrity is another very important aspect when it comes to Internet security. It refers to storing the information properly. For example, if it is a case of identity theft, storing the information properly can lead to solving a situation.

c) Availability, in terms of Internet security, is the ease of access when it comes to information that users want to know. This means that information given by different website is accurate and it is not forged.